Aurora or Northern Lights

Aurora or Northern Lights is an extraordinary phenomenon of nature, which is available for observation mainly in areas beyond the Arctic Circle. It is a unique phenomenon with many species and characteristics and it needs to be “caught”, which is why there is the special expression ‘Aurora Hunting’ – hunting for the Northern Lights. Aurora depends on many natural factors: solar activity, the moon phase, temperature, air currents and the presence or absence of cloud cover.

Of course, everything that our team can influence will be our pleasure to do for you: our leading expert guides will help you find the right time and place to “hunt for the Northern Lights”. This is really a science and Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) does not happen every day, so be patient and rely on the experience of our guides and experts. Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will see the Aurora 100%, but if you stay in Murmansk for at least 3-4 nights, the probability of a successful “hunt” will be many times higher, and we on our part are always ready to find the ideal place and time for you to hunt! Watching and simply hunting for Northern Lights will take you back to your childhood and you will be fascinated by what is happening.

In addition to this beautiful natural action, you will find a huge amount of entertainment and unforgettable experiences in Murmansk. Let us list the main ones that you should certainly visit if you are going on a trip to Murmansk.

Северное сияние в городе Мурманск
Северное сияние в городе Мурманск


Driving northwards from the city will take you to Teriberka, a village on the very shore of the Barents Sea, which is actually the part of the Arctic Ocean. Teriberka is about 130 km from Murmansk and takes approximately 2-2.5 hours driving from Murmansk.

People come here to enjoy the fabulous beauty of nature and colourful landscapes. It is a truly fascinating sight and we highly recommend that you take a tour here.

Teriberka is known for the fact that a cult Russian film ‘Leviathan’ (2014) was shot there, as the place is really impressive with its views. In addition, Teriberka is a unique place on the Kola Peninsula, the only one such place in the European part of Russia where you can reach it by road and approach the very coast of the Arctic Ocean.

If you walk a little bit from the car or bus car park, you can get to the very shore of the Barents Sea with huge round stones that look like dinosaurs eggs. The phenomenon of such a shore is only available at some points on Earth, and the Teriberka is one of these points! National Geographic Magazine even included Teriberka in the top 20 places for mandatory visits in 2015.

Teriberka is also known for the abandoned cemetery of old ships that were here until 1960, but later the district centre was moved to Severomorsk and fishing was lost. The views of this place are so impressive that they will certainly not leave you indifferent.

It is worth noting that the road to Teriberka is very difficult, and during the winter season the road may be covered with snow or it may be possible. In this case, the city authorities close the road to Teriberka and there is no way to get there. As this risk is present, we strongly recommend that you do not put this attraction on the last day of your journey. In addition, we strongly recommend that you do not drive yourself to Teriberka or rent a car, only use tried and tested services with professionally trained guides and drivers (we are always at your service!:)

However, if you finally can not get to Teriberka, do not get upset, because there are still many places you can go in Murmansk.

Териберка, Мурманск
Берег Баренцева Моря в Териберке, Мурманск

Snowmobiles, Khibiny mountains and Snow Village

One such place is the city of Kirovsk and the Khibiny Mountains. In the mountains you will be able to visit all possible winter activities: this includes skiing, snowmobile safari and inflatable snow tube. Here everything will depend only on your preferences, your inclination to extreme sports and the time you have at your disposal.

Snowmobiles are definitely one of the most popular and exciting winter activities! You will be able to control real snowmobiles and get an unspeakable experience.

The instructor will tell you how to drive these cars and will accompany you all the way along the track. You will be able to sit behind the wheel, or ride with your instructor. 

When snow has not yet fallen, you will be able to ride in the mountains in special 4*4 jeeps or ride ATVs.

In Kirovsk you can also visit a rather young but very popular winter attraction – the Snow Village and a unique mineral museum.

The Snow Village is a unique project: every winter a whole mini city is built out of snow and ice with its own themes, sculptures and atmosphere. Colourful illumination will help you take fantastic snow photos and bring the atmosphere of the holiday!

Хибины, Кировск, Мурманск

Saami Village (Deer Feeding, Saami lecture and Huskies meeting)

The Saami Village is another unique place that everyone who comes to the beautiful city of Murmansk should visit. The Saami are the people who have lived in the place of modern Murmansk and much of modern Norway for centuries. The people of Murmansk cherish the traditions and beliefs of this beautiful people and are happy to share their knowledge.

In the Saami village, you will listen to a very interesting lecture about the history and customs of the Saami people, as well as their way of life and housing. Everything in the village is imbued with a spirit of authenticity, you will see real Saami dressings and clothes, and learn about the customs of the Saami.

In addition, you will be offered real Sámi food for lunch. You will be able to try the Sámi fish soup and taste the real northern delicacy of reindeer.

Саамская древня, Мурманск

Husky Farm

Husky is a unique breed of dogs that is completely human friendly. In the north, they have helped people in many ways: they have been ridden and harnessed in sleds because they are very resilient and they need to run and exercise all the time for their healthy staying. They are so friendly that they are absolutely unable to bite, grab and scratch the people. Although they can look like formidable and quite powerful dogs (and they are really very strong and very loud!), you can be sure of being absolutely safe and secure next to these dogs. Don’t worry and take bold pictures, feed, iron and embrace these beautiful and fluffy creatures in the north!

There are several Husky farms in Murmansk where these graceful animals are raised, cared for and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Huskies can be photographed, fed and, for a fee, ridden in real sledges! These are truly amazing and unique animals that will delight not only adults, but also the smallest conquerors of the North!

Хаски парк в городе Мурманск

City sightseeing tour in Murmansk

And of course, we have not forgotten about the city of Murmansk itself! It is a real northern city, a hero city, a port city with its sights and charming places. Be sure to take a sightseeing tour and look at the unique monuments and structures of Murmansk.

At excursion you will learn about the past and present history of the city, about its inhabitants – Murmansk citizens and city traditions. You will see the Alyosha monument – the memorial to the heroic contribution of Murmansk to the victory during the Second World War, as well as visit the port area and be able to board the real nuclear icebreaker “Lenin”.

You will also be able to visit the seafood market, where the freshest fish (primarily cod!), crabs, shrimps, scallops, sea urchins and many other seafood gifts are sold in their freshest form. All products are fresh and inexpensive, and in the market you will be helped to pack all this into an aeroplane so that nothing smells and flows along the way. But we strongly recommend that you put all your purchases in additional packages to make sure the food is safe and secure.

And of course, we recommend you to visit one of the local restaurants in Murmansk. By the way, they are cozy and nice in any part of the city. Well, we will tell you what is better to try in Murmansk.