Where to stay in Murmansk?

Do you prefer to stay at chain hotels or you are intrested to get a fantastic exprience? This is a question that deserves a special attention, as Murmansk has a lot of places and hotels to choose from. There are both well-known chain star hotels in Murmansk and smaller hotels. In addition, there are also unique hotels that you can visit only here. But everything is in order.

Chain hotels in Murmansk

The most famous 4* chain hotels are the Park Inn and Azimut.

In these hotels you will always find excellent service, friendly staff and breakfasts buffet system. You can be sure of cleanliness, safety and level of service. Hotels are located in the city centre, so hotel availability is also one of their advantages.

In category 3*, the Meridian Hotel, which is located right in front of the Azimut, is a rather popular option. Guests will also be offered buffet breakfast, clean and comfortable rooms. The only thing that there will be smaller rooms compared to the Park Inn hotel and the Azimut hotel.

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Aurora Village igloo

An amazing find in Murmansk is the Aurora Village Hotel. The extraordinary design of this hotel deserves a separate description.

In Aurora Village you will find a dome-shaped igloo with a glass roof, through which, if the conditions are good, you can observe Aurora. The Village is about 50 km from Murmansk, so the lights of the city will not interfere with observing the natural phenomenon.

There are total of 13 igloo-houses in the Village, each of which is designed for 4 people (when travelling with children and if you wish, you can book one igloo house for 5 people). Two main places are located on the ground floor and 2 additional places on the top floor.

It is the best to book this hotel for the high season in advance, as the number of places is limited. If you decide to stay in an igloo, we recommend you to spend one or two nights here, combining rest in the countryside with the rest in traditional hotels. For all the comfort of the services provided, there is no hot breakfast, breakfast in your room will be brought to you in lunch boxes, but you can always make hot tea or coffee. Aurora Village also has its own water and heating station.

This accommodation option is ideal for observing the Aurora or Northern Lights and simply relaxing away from the city. You can also go winter fishing, go snowmobile riding and watch huskies here!

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Eco Home Hotel

Ideal place for accommodation in an absolute atmosphere of natural unity. Calm, quiet and homely hotel. Perhaps coziness and privacy are the main words with which this picturesque place can be described.

The hotel consists of 5 cottage houses made of wood in the Scandinavian style. Each cottage has its own name by the colour of its illumination. In each cottage you will find 4 rooms – 2 on the ground floor and 2 on the top floor. You can book 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed rooms. There are no TVs specially installed in the rooms – so that nothing distracts you from the comfort of communication and nature observation, and there will always be an opportunity to be connected to WIFI if you need. Here you will be taken very seriously with cleanliness and your safety, so that you can relax, unwind and be confident in the quality of your rest.

Ecohome is only 22 km from Murmansk, in the forest belt, which is around 20-30 minutes driving from Murmansk city centre or from the airport.

A unique feature of the hotel is its unity with nature. Everything breathes with greeness and eco-friendliness. Once you leave your house, you will find yourself in the forest part of the Arctic North. Here you will be able to take a walk, breathe clean air and, of course, watch the Northern Lights. However, in order to fully observe the Northern Lights and Aurora hunting, we still recommend that you make special trips with our expert guides.

A traditional breakfast buffet will be offered to the guests here. And if you wish, the restaurant’s chef (master of his craft Igor Bliskun!) will personally prepare you fine Arctic dishes a la carte for lunch or dinner.

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