Top things to do in Murmansk?

As for the already “hot” drinks, we strongly discourage their use for “warming up and fun excursions”.

Be sure to bring warm things, as the weather can be quite cold in Murmansk.

Things to prepare before visiting Murmansk

Be sure to bring warm things, as the weather can be quite cold in Murmansk. The temperature will always seem to you lower than it actually is for several reasons:

– The main activities you will almost always have in the open air

– There is almost constant wind in Murmansk and even more so on the coast of the Barents Sea in Teriberka

– Hunting trips for Aurora are almost always late at night due to the better visibility of the Lights

So the best outfit is a great idea, especially if you have not prepared your body for low temperatures in advance.

So what is the best thing to take with you from your clothes? Let’s start with outerwear, as it should protect you in the first place. What you should always bring with you: a warm jacket, hat, scarf, mittens or gloves (better than mittens!), comfortable and warm shoes. You must also be wearing warm socks, a jumper (or a very warm jacket), warm and comfortable trousers. Many people also bring special thermal underwear, but this is up to you. These warm things will suffice for a comfortable trip. You don’t need to pack a full suitcase, all you need to do is take warm, high quality things that you can wear comfortably every day. Pay special attention to your shoes. They should be warm and at the same time sporty, and should not get wet, as you will have to move around a lot, including in the snow. If you buy new shoes on a trip, make sure you walk around the house in them for at least a few hours. This will help you avoid possible inconveniences on the road.

What should you take with you from your belongings? First of all, a thermos. We advise you to bring a small but comfortable and light thermos for hot tea or water. A hot drink (tea, coffee, water) will always warm you up and cheer you up. We highly recommend it! At any restaurant, you will be welcomed to pour hot water into the thermos for free.

Depending on the season, you should also take an umbrella with you.

If you plan to ski, take skiing equipment. If you are planning to ski or do sporting activities in the mountains, it is worth taking your own equipment, which will be very comfortable for you.

If you have a professional camera, take it with you to capture all the footage you want. It happens that conventional smartphones cannot withstand low temperatures and briefly turn off or hang up. To capture Aurora (Northern Lights) as it is, a phone camera (even iphone camera) is probably not enough for you. If you want to, you will be able to catch some footage, but it will be far from what you can see for yourself. That’s why when we go out hunting for Northern Lights, we always go out with a professional camera and a guide photographer.

In order not to get cold and take part in all the attractions that the Russian North offers you, make sure that your clothes and shoes are comfortable, warm and do not get wet.

And of course, if necessary, our team will provide you with additional warm clothes and shoes for rent.

Why you are not allowed to drink alcohol during your excursions?

As for the already “hot” drinks, we strongly discourage their use for “warming up and fun excursions”. Moreover, at many sites, drinking alcohol, even in small doses, is strictly forbidden: you may not be allowed on an excursion or an attraction in this condition. Even if you drink a little, believe us, it will be very noticeable to the guide and the organisational team of your activities.

Such serious security measures have not been introduced to deprive you of an excellent opportunity to relax and rest in the company of reindeers and huskies. This is primarily about your health and safety. Driving a snowmobile or approaching animals under the influence of alcohol can be very dangerous both for you and for people around you. In addition, your guide is always responsible for you – you don’t have to set him up and make him worry, because his main task is to ensure that you get real pleasure and incredible emotions from your journey.

The North is quite a difficult weather condition even for its inhabitants, and it may take more than a day for a person who is not used to this climate to adapt. There is a risk that if you drink alcohol, even in small quantities, on the street or before going out, you will not be able to see the moment when you get cold. It may seem to you that it is much warmer outside and you can easily catch a cold.

So if you do plan to drink alcoholic beverages while travelling, it is best to do so in your spare time in the company of your family and friends in the evening, in complete comfort and warmth. However, we encourage you to drink alcohol in moderation and not to risk your health. Do not joke with the North, respect it and people who want you to have fun and unforgettable emotions. Love the North to the bottom of your heart and it will definitely reciprocate you!