A Polar City

One of the most popular and beautiful cities for your holiday in Russia is Murmansk.

From early September to middle of April in Murmansk you can observe the unique phenomenon of the Aurora (Northern Lights). Murmansk is located behind the North Polar Circle at latitude 68 degrees north and longitude 33 degrees east, and is the largest city in the world, which is located behind the North Polar Circle. Here you can observe the unique phenomenon of the Polar Night, as well as the Polar Day. The extraordinary flora and fauna of these places will not leave you indifferent; the tundra and unique nature of the Kola Peninsula is indeed the unique place on Earth!

Exciting Tours in Murmansk

What to try in Murmansk?

Seafood, seafood and again seafood! Crabs, fish, trout, scalopes, shrimps, caviar and so on and so on. All is so fresh and tasty that you can not stop eating.

Personally for our team, number one is the traditional Murmansk cod – it’s freshly roasted fish, usually served with rice on side. The secret here is usually in extraordinary freshness of the fish and the special type of Murmansk cod. Once you have tasted this simple dish, you will want another slice, as we have tested☺️

A Kamchatka King Crab is a delicious delicacy that very often comes first on the list, but one should not count on the cheapness of such a delicacy: crab meat is highly valued around the world! And of course, compared to many other regions and countries, in Murmansk it will be one of the cheapest and freshest crab meat.

We recommend you to try all kinds of fishsoups. As there are lots of fish in Murmansk, restaurants often offer fishsoup from several fish species, which is very tasty and nourishing.

Salmon caviar is the pride of Russia in general. It is in Murmansk that you can taste this freshest and most delicious product at the best price.

Try seafood: it will surprise you with its freshness and rich taste! They are primarily scallops: they are delicious in pasta, soups and snacks. Sea urchins’ caviar is also a must: they are usually eaten raw as an appetizer, no additional processing of caviar is required. Not only is it delicious, but it is also very healthy: it heals, prevents many diseases and even rejuvenates the body.

Of course, the list of delicacies of the Northern Land is also a must – here you can taste venison, salmon and very tasty and useful cod liver, which can be eaten both as a pâté and as an appetizer, and as the main ingredient of the salad, and as an accompaniment to hot dishes.

Taste, enjoy and discover the Russian North!

What to buy in Murmansk?

Fish, seafood, salmon caviar, cod liver! All this can be asked to be hermetically packed and not to be afraid to keep your products on the road. The gifts of the sea are definitely the main souvenirs worth bringing from this northern city. You can share this delicacy with your closest people and friends as well as with pleasure to taste these delicacies at home on your own.

Let us remind you what is better to bring and taste in Murmansk: Kamchatka King crab, cod, cod liver (it is better to take a package with a blue-yellow label), scallops, shrimps, mussels, caviar, sea urchins and a lot and lots of everything that you can freely find at markets or shop counters.

When it comes to King Crab, be careful: many countries prohibit the import of this product, but as a rule this applies to large quantities of goods for sale. If you still want to take this delicacy with you, it is the best to pack it well (don’t take the whole, just the eatable claws) and carry it in your luggage so that you don’t have any further questions from the airport staff.

Caviar will last much longer in a tin than in a glass jar. However, no extra preservatives are usually added to the glass jar and the taste is more natural and fresh.

If, after visiting Murmansk, you are planning your tour further around Russia and do not go straight home, we recommend that you take your freezer bag with you or store your food in a hotel refrigerator. Usually this is freely allowed and even welcomed, as Murmansk residents know and understand the true value of the gifts of the sea, and are happy to share the wealth of northern nature with their guests.

When to go to Murmansk?

If you want to see Aurora (Nothern Lights), you should choose the period from early September to middle of April. The peak months and the highest season start in mid-November and last until the end of March. During this time, the probability of Northern Lights increases greatly, but prices increase along with the probability of Northern Lights. That is why you should rely primarily on your budget and the planned duration of the tour when choosing the exact date for your trip.

You can also see the Northern Lights in September and October, and in April. And it will be much cheaper for you. The only question here is whether there is snow and a real winter atmosphere. Usually the first snow can be expected in September and October, but it can melt quickly. Permanent snow should be expected around November.

It is worth mentioning that if there is no snow, some activities can be interchangeable: for example, instead of snowmobiles, you can ride ATVs (quad bikes).

Approximately expected weather and average temperature in Murmansk by month:


-10,6 С


-10,7 С


– 6,3 С


– 1,5 С


  3,7 С


  9,6 С


 12,9 С


 11,4 С


 6,8 С


 1,1 С


– 4,8 С


– 8,7 С


Attention! The average air temperature does not reflect the possible maximum and possible minimum temperatures! The wind in Murmansk is usually strong enough, which affects the perception of the weather. The weather will always seem colder than it really is!

In addition, trips for Aurora hunting are usually late in the evening or even at night, so the temperature can be significantly lower at this time of day.

Make sure you bring warm clothes, mittens, hats, scarves, socks and comfortable warm shoes. If necessary, our team will provide you with additional warm clothes and shoes for rent.

Starting in November, it usually snows until the end of April, so nothing will interfere with your activities. In general, it is almost impossible to predict the exact weather, so get dressed warmer, give in to fate, weather and Northern Lights, and come to Murmansk!